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Red Velvet Lipstick Tease



Today is a very special day, since I’m getting ready for a date with someone special. Can you guess the gender of a person I’m about to meet by the color and the intensity of the lipstick I’m using? By now, you probably wish it was you I was going to meet, provided you arrived with a large sum of money. Read My lips: “money makes Me very happy”. I don’t care whether you claim not to be submissive. Even if you just have a LIPSTICK FETISH, I shall enslave you and make you do ANYTHING FOR MY LIPS.



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I Love My Red Leather Corset

Leather Corset Goddess

Leather Corset Goddess

I am looking at you from the other side of the screen. I know you felt drawn to Me the first time you saw that little square image: a beautiful, voluptuous Queen in a tight leather corset. My breasts were almost bursting out of My corset, and you clicked further, hoping to see more. Your tiny cock did the thinking for you. You thought you’d find yet another porn Goddess. You thought you’d have a good orgasm at the end, and move on.

But I’ve managed to get you hooked in a very short time. You actually forgot why you had clicked My link in the first place. You found yourself browsing through My image gallery, and becoming a new you. You discovered new fetishes. Who knew FEET could be so arousing? You began having dreams of obscenely sniffing My dirty feet, and you woke up stiff as a rock.

I can tell you one thing: the line between a mild leather fetish and a deeply rooted foot fetish is very thin. I am here to help you cross the line. You will do so by worshiping Me and dedicating every hour of your life to Me. You will discover the addict inside yourself. You will love being addicted to Me.

How far will I take you? Relax and leave it all up to Me. You are about to go where you’ve never thought of going before. I know, I know you just wanted to masturbate, but I am offering you a complete, life-altering experience. When I am done with you, you will probably be hungover, you will crave to get back into My web. That’s because I am so addictive.

When will I be done with you? That is for Me to know and for you to find out.

But yes, I still love everything leather: corsets, pants, coats, handbags, high heels. So make sure you tribute Me accordingly before you approach Me for any business transaction.


Biting Fetish

When I first started being an online DOMINATRIX, I had some ideas about what turns people on, what KINK is, what gets the adrenalin rushing through the body, pumping the veins full of pleasure, and then other organs as well. Yes, that thing between your legs is one of your most sensitive organs, be it for PAIN or for PLEASURE. During the years, I learnt a lot, and I discovered many new fetishes. Truth is I find a new fetish every day. BITING? Who knew that some people are turned on by the thought of being bitten by STRONG TEETH? I should thank Myself for being wise enough to set up a contact email address (kinky.domina@gmail.com), where slaves, fetishists, puppets and afficionados can send Me their requests and ideas. So now I know I am not the only One who LOVES biting! Of course, what I love is feeling the weak, helpless flesh between My sharp TEETH, and the squealing of those I bite. Have a great Sunday, or what is left of it! Mistress Christine

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The Thrill of Blackmail

Starting this week, at least for a while, My DommeDose column is going to look like this: a piece of text on your screen, for you to read and debate. For a while,  I posted video clips, but My busy life kicked in, therefore I decided to try the text form.

Today I want to discuss Blackmail. When I first became acquainted with this type of roleplay, it seemed so strange that people find it arousing to be threatened with exposure of various types. I believe one of My first blackmail slaves was an English sissy, who enjoyed dressing up in white cotton panties (Sexy, huh?), getting high and eating soap. Yes, you know who you are! I would always threaten to email his mommy about his activities, and this made him cry. It was so ridiculous to see him in his cotton panties, with a mouth full of soap, literally foaming at the mouth!

Later came another Englishman. They seem to be the kinkiest slaves, with the most original desires. Unfortunately, this particular guy, who goes by the name of Chris (you can scroll in My website archive on kinkydomina.com if you want to see him) wanted the ULTIMATE THRILL, but never wanted to cooperate enough in order to obtain that thrill. Any human interaction, from dancing to domination, requires the participation of more than one individual. When your name is all over personal sites owned by Mistresses, when everyone knows your face, you sure have to provide more information in order for your thrill to get deeper. By the way, I am sure he will desperately look for Me as soon as he reads this, but I will be on a long, anticipated holiday on a warm island.

The ultimate blackmail acts involved people who never claimed to be blackmail slaves, as it happens with moneyslaves as well. But it sure felt fun to be able to take revenge in My own hands and make bank while taking advantage of the weak minds of men. Controlling, manipulating? Perhaps. But they were the ones who approached Me, therefore they got what they asked for.

On another note, your life must be so boring, if your ultimate thrill is being exposed for the wanker you certainly are. I love those dramas that occur when the wifey realizes her hubby does ATM with that mouth he kisses her with. Big time fun!

Well, that’s it for today. I am off to get ready for My vacation!

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