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Gorgeous Mistress Christine has some very wicked ideas for destroying your marriage right now. She wants you to stop fucking your ugly wife and to humiliate her in an unusual way. This means you will come for the wife, but not in the manner that you or her expect it to happen. Mistress Christine will make sure She gets everything Her way by using a delightful pair of weapons: Her superb 40E breasts. This merciless Mistress always gets what She wants! Get the video and let it work its magic on your mind!

Manipulative Mistress uses Crystal Pendant for Her Evil Purpose

Manipulative Mistress KinkyDomina knows exactly what your biggest weakness is. She makes you stare as She dangles the crystal pendant in front of your eyes and She accesses that part of your brain which can only be reached via a trance. During your dizzy trance state She makes it clear why you should abandon your own purposes and dedicate your life and finances to serving HER.
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Feel My Pleasure

My addicted puppet, today I will show you the best way to Feel My Pleasure. You are very weak and in love with Me, you’d love to GET more in touch with Me. You’d like to experience some aspects of My personality which so far have escaped you. Ask yourself how much you know about Me. You know I am THE Black Widow, that I love abusing you, but you want to FEEL more. You want to know what makes Me tick. Well, MONEY for one thing. I also love BLACK COCK. You’d love to see Me pleased by a black cock. If only there was a way for you to feel the same type of pleasure I feel when…



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Love letters from cucky boy 3


im dreaming also, that You are very seductively convincing me, (maybe also Your lovers or Your friends), that i dont need to worry about the money, You take from me, because, if i dont see it anymore on my account, it has not disappear, its on Your account and You can calm me down, that all my money is on Your account in the safe place, You see it and will use it very well, all for Your pleasure and beauty, and that You promise me to be very fair, to have a lot of sex and ill get Your pleasure and orgasms more, that my money can pay. And that You are going to tell me, what You have payed for with my money, that i know that it has been spent for really worthy things. As much money You take from me, all it will be spent for really worthy things, so i dont need to worry and my money is in very good hands with You, Madame.

Your used cucky-boy


Well, obviously, My pet. The money which used to be yours is now safe with Me. What use do you have of that money anyway? Being a pathetic loser, the best thing you can do is work hard for My pleasure, to provide Me with all the financial means I demand for you. The salary you earn is all dedicated to My needs. Being a Goddess is expensive: hair, nails, makeup, creams, clothes, shoes, handbags don’t come cheap. Those I wear don’t, anyway. :-)

Since you are unable to please Me in any other way, you must dedicate your pathetic little existence to a higher purpose, that is making My life easy and pretty. Keep sacrificing for Me, it’s the only way to wankers’ Heaven, that is being accepted in My presence, allowed to serve Me.

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