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Cyber Lips Hypnosis

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This video will help you achieve the desired state of SUBMISSION towards Me. I know you live a sad life without Me and that you deeply crave to belong. For this reason, I want you to stare at My lips and open your mind to receive My suggestions. you’re now entering a magic world, full of mystery and entrancement. Each word you listen to makes you more addicted to Me and more inclined to dedicate your life to My benefit and pleasure. Take a deep breath and focus on My lips as you listen to the sound of My , enchanting voice. Slow down your breath, close your eyes and imagine what it feels like to be in complete servitude as My drone…
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Teased Loser Gets NO Release

Hello, loser, I mean husband. I’m so happy you surprised Me by booking a trip to this beautiful place. I love traveling and shopping and I married you because you can afford to pay for My lifestyle. Did you think I married you for your small dick or for your big fat belly?! I love that you’re so in touch with My NEEDS. Speaking of that, I’m going to tie you up and hide you in the closet, because My boyfriend is soon going to be here to give Me a good fuck. My lovers always fuck Me really well, but you’re too small to do that. So you were born with a small dick, but you were smart enough to work hard and compensate for that with lots and lots of MONEY. Taking care of My financial needs is great, but I still need a BIG BLACK COCK inside of Me. Are you getting hard thinking of being locked in the closet, while I’m having so much fun? Stroke your small cock with two fingers. I’ll allow you to jerk off now after a month of chastity, but you must use only two fingers. Slow down now! Don’t stroke too much! Keep quiet in the closet or I’ll duct tape your mouth. Stroke your little cock, cucky boy! I get more pleasure from boyfriends than from you. By the way, you’re not going to come today, unless you’re ready to click the TRIBUTE button for Me.
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My Fabulous Berlin Trip

While you are working hard for every cent, I’m having fun in Berlin this weekend! Get this clip to add to My shopping money in Berlin. It will open the door to a new side of My life, the key is inside the clip. Spoil Me, feed My opulent lifestyle and extravagant spending habits. A Lady can never have enough furs!

Have you got a fetish for ATM/cashpoint meetings? Do you crave to surrender your money to My gorgeous hands? Contact Me here and let’s set it up!

I’m in Berlin on November 14-16. Do you dare face Me?

Anyhow, you must get this clip!
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Lose the wife

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#Bestseller!!! Gorgeous Mistress Christine has some very wicked ideas for destroying your marriage right now. She wants you to stop fucking your ugly wife and to humiliate her in an unusual way. This means you will come for the wife, but not in the manner that you or her expect it to happen. Mistress Christine will make sure She gets everything Her way by using a delightful pair of weapons: Her superb 40E breasts. This merciless Mistress always gets what She wants! Get the video and let it work its magic on your mind!

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